Why our candle be continued

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 It was 11th public assembly where meet togethet in Gwang-Hwa-Mun square to fight with dictatorship’s daughter and her dirty followers. I was among  in there and standed with people hold a candle, shout together to fight with dictatorial government.

Anybody should ask why we need fight with much invisible things? Why we need fight with immoralities from rusted old ? Because we lives in among of democracy. Not like despotic state – almost red communist’s nations.

But by watch our time in the past in a centry, dictatorship followers got power again with old ruined ghost and his daughter – as like a lunatic heroin of them. A dead dictator became demi-god from them even some protestants who believe this ruined dictationship’s ghost as their one of god! Waht a shameless are!

The Candle fire should not be blown off until people’s democratic demands be come true and relized as common who fights with abominations from the ruined past.

And we will goes on.