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Summer, Thermal, Hot !

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Now Raspberry Pi3B+ temperature being starts in 48’C even I covered with stainless metal chasis, 40mm low noise fan on it. Great ! Summer ! Hot !

They are coming again to save the human being with musical power again.

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They were also young in a past memory of my younger times. Yes, it’s about Excellent Adventure – a movie who two young friends riding telephone booth in time adventure to save human being with their excellent music! And 30 years later, they are need to keep continuing undoned adventure… Read more »

An interesrting game, “Void Bastards”

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I’ve seen a game name “Void Bastards” when I loot a free game of “Guacamelee” in Humblebundle. I thought a moment to similar like “FTL”, but it’s not. It’s something like FPS-plused version of FTL with some strategic plan when space ship fighting. Developers may inspired at FTL, and we… Read more »

New desktop chasis

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My economical-low-cost-very-old-10years desktop now wear new chasis with name of “Suit Master”. Also new chasis is not paid much. New chasis had too enough spaces for huge video devices as like ATi Rx580 but less mounting places for 3.5″ drives for only availed in 3 – hidden expending availed but… Read more »

What? That isn’t what you can say, Google.

      Comments Off on What? That isn’t what you can say, Google. ¬†Yesterday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said a bullshit as Apple ‘selling privacy as a luxury good’, Ha! What? We knows how Google earning moneys from stealing people privacy in anytime anywhere we searches what it is everything. It’s like theif defames cops by protecting stealing people’s properties well. ¬†You… Read more »

Firefox extensions came back !

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It was little long time to wait came back it normal. Firefox extensions are gone for disabled for a while because Firefox has problem with xinstall signature. Now it seems to solved temporary extensions are disabled with signature, and I didn’t update anything – it seems doesn’t need to update… Read more »

Good bye, no-ip!

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No more no-ip, A day ago, no-ip stopped to update my dynamic IP address by reason of “disabled account” without any noticement, no actual reason. My ddns address soon activated again by claiming what kind of reason makes violating your terms – but actually there’s nothing like violating any terms… Read more »