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Experience of Intel HD 630 damn driver.

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I guess some people may experienced badness of Intel something – as like old models from Intel graphics as known thousnad numbered models – HD 2000 or 3000 whatever, when specially upgraded to Windows 10 from older. My new office desktop presented to me a bad experience about mouse cursor… Read more »

OTA 3.10 released for Oukitel U20 Plus

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Eventually Oukitel released new OTA update, verison 3.10 to fix many minor bugs ! Now I don’t need see blurred stripes on bottom of screen, and it is no longer need annoying me. Everybody download new OTA binary from needrom site, and URL is here: I don’t expect how… Read more »

Tennmak Dulcimer & Porcelain simple review

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I got these two IEH(In-Ear Headphone) from Mr.Tony of China via Ali-Express. Mr.Tony (Tennmak is a trade mark & name of hist company) – He was gave it to me for testing and little review, so I don’t have perfect packaging. Each different two IEHs are Dulcimer and Porcelain –… Read more »

A dangerous adventure …

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I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review. Actually I… Read more »

Really godam, Yanwen !

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About 10 more days ago, I’ve been ordered a mSATA to SATA rack case in Ali-Express. There’s no options to select additional delivery solution without “Chinses Air Mail”, So I just ordered it for about 15 days remain after working days. But. It was my misunderstanding. God**mn seller used Yanwen… Read more »