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FlScrnShot v0.1.9.20 updated

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An Open source project, FlScrnShot updated to version with fixing memory leakage. I found huge memory usage on my gaming desktop ( AMD Ryzen5600 + nV RTX3080 + 64GB RAM ) while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hogwarts Legacy, up to 6GB memory occupied. It was belonged to… Read more »

listusb for macOS users

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Introducing listusb Have you troubled with checking what USB device connected as correctly speed recolonization on macOS ? And If you can say “Yes”, then you may need this, “listusb”. “listusb” is an open source project to view connected USB device in iTerm or iTerm2 (of homebrew) as text based… Read more »

FLTK ScreenShot for Windows x86.64 v0.1.7.12 updated

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FLTK ScreenShot v0.1.7.12 updated with fixing some bugs and improved FLTK features. 100% Open Source. Built with FLTK-, using GDI+ to surface rendering. Fastest JPEG compression with “libjpeg-turbo” even greatest quality. Fixed base path shouldn’t be changed. Supporting High DPI of Windows by advanced Windows 10/11 scaling. Easily automatic collecting… Read more »

About lacks of developing ability for MacOS.

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Apple made it Apple MacOS 11 ( Big Sur ) was launched in last year, lately with new M1 processor. Many people had questions about what M1 and what different of new MacOS, some people had big trouble with upgrading this new OS from old systems. Apple may focused on… Read more »

Vandlion A3 configurator (Windows64)

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  Vandlion is a brand name among in Chinese electronics provider ( or manufacturer? cannot sure ) where to easily found in Aliexress. They are sales many things – body cameras and voice recorders – but not good for providing any programs to upgrade firmware or configure device to easily… Read more »

MIOHDR v0.2.24.85 windows version hot fixed

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MIOHDR was released a few days ago, but I missed strange issue on Windows 10 high DPI processing. It might be belong to new version of FLTK1.4.0.6 and ghostly upgraded Windows components. This issue maybe belong to strange calculating monitor DPI and DPI-awared GDI processing. And fixed to this issue… Read more »