MIOHDR (Make Image ‘O HDR)


MIOH or MIOHDR is a open source program made for improving almost of images to be brighten easily within few clicks on any platforms includes embedded system attached any screen with X11.

This program supprts three different methods : log mapping, Reinhard, eCLAHE.

And all processing opmitized for OpenMP ( Multi-core threading ) for any almost modern CPUs.

What platform supported ?

    • Windows x86 32/64bit
    • Mac OS X 64bit
    • Linux¬† (Debian : Mint, Ubuntu or many) x86 32/64bit
    • Embedded Linux (Kernel 3.x above) x86, ARM, AARCH64

Where to get download ?

MIOH is an open source program, and anyone need download ( or clone ) source codes to own local build place, but some prebuilt binary provides on download section of bitbucket.


MIOH source code is following rule of MIT license, but some referenced source codes are limited to their license,

    • FLTK license, includes JPEG, PNG, ZLib
    • fl_imgtk MIT License

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