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Trip to Italy

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Me and Emily now going to Italy. Planned to visit Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. It will be the greatest trip among our life. See Italians soon in there !

Why our candle be continued

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 It was 11th public assembly where meet togethet in Gwang-Hwa-Mun square to fight with dictatorship’s daughter and her dirty followers. I was among  in there and standed with people hold a candle, shout together to fight with dictatorial government. Anybody should ask why we need fight with much invisible things?… Read more »

New laptop.

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Finally I got a new laptop for me from my wife. She gave it to me for make new era as a deveoper to extend my skills. So I lovely appeared royalty apreciated to my lord her! Now I have totally 3 different OS laptops: Windows64, Linux64 and OSX64. Will… Read more » will offlined for while.

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This server runs on iptime router and DDNS also. In the new year, my home router reservated to Gigabit ethernet, and old iptime router fade away to the past. There’ one problem of turn off to the offline for a while because new Gigabit ethernet not support DDNS and there’s… Read more »

A dangerous adventure …

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I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review. Actually I… Read more »

Next interesting: Blackview Omega Pro.

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I found an interesting new smartphone as named as Blackview Omega Pro. Just looks like my iPhone4 and 5. Metal(Aluminium) alloy outter shell and tempered glass front and back. Black and simple. Non-soft navigation keys. Has 3GB of memory and 16GB NAND flash, supported external memory (TF) as up to… Read more »

Some tips for while delivery done in Ali-Express.

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  If you know, or want to buy something in Ali-Express of China, it will be better to read before you have do something. Ali-Express mostly contolled by Ali-Baba and Ali-Express (Ali-Group) managing group. But you must remember sellers are not kind of employee of Ali. So Ali-Express made buyer… Read more »