Fixing SD card unexpected unmounting problem of Oukitel U20 plus SIM tray.

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Oukitel U20 plus was a good budget smartphone has FHD resolution and dual cameras priced under 100 USD in the world from China.

But some people may have experience about “Unexpected SD card unmounted” problem in real life. All apps turned to gray and it doesn’t run while SD card mounted again by hitting back side of SIM tray again.

So I have to fix this prblem, and tear off back cover with some stripping tools.

Now I understand why U20 plus so heavy, and astonished Oukitel grown up well to architecting better than before about times of K6000. Some lacks by mistery of price under 100 USD, may acceptable – inside back cover color was white, I was expected black or dark inside.

Examined why SD card going unmounted in unexpected times, and found reason of this.

It was seems to reason of cost reduction, low cost componet problem of SIM tray + SD card. There’s nothing like shielding metal covers on component, just rare plastic itself made weakage on bending inside by pressure. Here I explained why it going worst:

To prevent unexpected unmounting SD card by any shock, I need put shomething to make depth to same beside EMI shielded block of right side. I put couple of transparency urethane film, and it made depth more thicker. And it made for better than befoe, test many shock by hitting area of SIM tray and it not happened to unmounting SD card again.

It may better put something to make fill gap between back cover and SIM tray component, and it may not considered on designing step or, lack of reason to cost reduction to make it more cheaper by Oukitel.

Hope make it better by reading my article who anybody looking for solution to fix this problem as like me.