Realtek 8152 GbE USB kernel driver for RK3399

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If you have trouble with Realtek 8152 GbE USB device on your Rock960A/B/C board with error of “unnmaed net_device” ? It is reason of built in r8152 driver is too old in Rock960a/b/c (even all kernel driver of Rockchip) kernel source.

Here’s my modified driver from latest version of r8152 “09” driver for RK3399 based kernel drivers – specially for old 4.4 version of kernel. Just download my little modified source code and copy to your kernel driver path – /driver/net/usb – and make kernel again.

Download “” – Downloaded 464 times – 27.58 KB

You can flash boot image when kernel compilation compeleted as like above capture image, just boot or reboot your board, then check what happend.


This source code may not perfectly works for all, I don’t garantee perfectly works for all environments, It is up to your skill to use source code for kernel built-in driver building.