What’s wrong Apple ? What happened to AppStore ?

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Everytime dangerous moment comes since I bought Macbook Pro 13″ by obtrusionary updating to next OS with unexpected becomes to expensive hard-brick. Case of mine don’t updated to Catalina and Big-Sur because there’s many difficult to develop software that supports variable versions of MacOS.

 Just updated securtiy patch for Majave and faced to another Apple-styled unexpected very big problem like AppStore doesn’t work correctly such like unable to update or download any applications from AppStore. What an amazing event ! Apple made it again !

All updates not be able to being downloaded, or make purchasing new app. Tried so many times for make it work – such like removing cache, or removing local datas even re-installing MacOS. Totally it dosen’t work.

Decided to going deeper. Checked system logs, and found an evidance : appstoreagent abstract class ASDPurchseResult was implemented to each AppStoreDaemon and appsotreagent but one of these not embodied that class ! Holy god …

I couldn’t retrace those applications but I could know appstoreagent made big problem by testing to kill process when AppStore ran.

pkill -9 -f appstoreagent

This simply magic spell like shell command saved my endless infinite ring. It was so simple, run AppStore then kill appstoreagent once, then all applications should be downloaded or installed as well. How great Apple ‘s software publishing technology, hugh ? So thank you much to disturbing my simple life to make it not be borered ! So thank you.

Will be continued to find which application not implemented damn class of ASDPurchaseResult…