Simple test which enctyption more faster ?

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By considering which encryption is better for small packet among of AES-256 and BlowFish on 5 to 10Gbps bandwidth in realtime world, is maybe not same condition. AES-256 is still strongest encrypting algorithm if 56 bit key is not plain-text, and not easy to beat vault of data with time-changed each different key loop.

Escpecially AES-256 is may occurs deadlock or dropping packet cases on USB3 5Gbps bandwidth by dealing process speed fo each encrypted packets except streaming datas.

So I’ve been tested with my source codes.

And here some performance tests ( not optimized )

Performance at Apple MacBook Pro 13″ (early 2015, i7-5557U)

Apple MacBook Air 13″ ( M1 )


It was really simple, no CPU acceleratios, even no GPU. By doing something with Intel CPU with Apple M1 is maybe not a fair game, but most of perfmormance is always depends on single CPU calculating power as seen above results.