Keychron K1 keyboard for Mac computers.

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Some people may want to use exclusive Mac computer mechanical keyboard, not for Windows by some special key position like command and option.

Keychron made it

So Keychron made this demand to reality as many kinds of K series to support native macOS features. Most of the people may accept new Keychron mechanical keyboards in reasonable price almost of 100 USD or under it.

And they are sales so good

Keychron have discount event many times—so I can buy new secondary K1 keyboard for Windows computers by don’t need to switch button and key caps to Windows and macOS.

And I found my new K1 and previous K1 is not same model by type a time, It was a different key switch model, K1A1 and K1D1 was not same model. Actually I didn’t care what model when buying new K1 keyboard, but the result was so better than I expected – K1D1 used optical switch, better sound noise, less key pressure, better feeling when typing.

Why mechanical keyboard ?

I already got some Apple magic keyboards since over 10 years ago to now, wired to wireless. But Apple keyboards are some kind of Scissor-Switch (or Chiclets, or Panto graph) type. Those kinds are don’t have charm point like most of mechanical keyboards as people had experienced.

So I’m enjoying low profile mechanical keyboards for my MacBook or iPad Pro 12.9” to having some work at home. It’s a little pleasure having time with great typing experience than formal Apple keyboards – It’s a much different thing, I’ sure.

Is Keychron different ?

In the region of Asian language, their keyboards have too many special keys beside of space bar. Or some keyboards have a narrow space bar over the threshold of between of X and C key. It is little important feature who writing many words using copy and paste by key shortcut.

And low profile, it’s mostly availed by Cherry of German company for rare models – and I have two kinds of them, but it’s not for Mac computers except some Chinese keyboard companies – but they are not manufacturing keyboards for Mac computers even don’t care about build quality.

Keychron manufactures guaranteed-quality keyboards, supports upgrade firmware, even much better service than don’t need to understand Chinese words or strange-translated English.

K1 is the best space saver type

I have K3 for my iPad Mini 6 and MacBook Air at home, but K1 is better for my MacBook Pro laptops to programming or type some words for many hours for less physical stress of wrists and fingers, even don’t need to use palm rest bar to protect my wrist again.

Difference of key switch

Keychron K1A1 and K1D1 is difference mode, A1 is a linear switch, and D1 is optical linear switch – It’s much different type even looks same. Here’s my video to compare what different sounds while typing.

Some videos

Here some videos to hear typing sound, and watch white LED animations.