Vandlion A3 configurator (Windows64)

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Vandlion is a brand name among in Chinese electronics provider ( or manufacturer? cannot sure ) where to easily found in Aliexress. They are sales many things – body cameras and voice recorders – but not good for providing any programs to upgrade firmware or configure device to easily – or sometime chinese looks-MS-MFC-like tatty programs.

Most of similar devices belong Chinese manufacturers has similar device configuration system, and they are not always same – uncertainly, maybe its origin is one factory or design house, and many others are inherit to theirs.

Anyway, most of these tatty devices don’t provides ‘deisgned for human being’. Vandlion A3 also don’t provides something detailed adjusting or human kindly designed whatever. So I made simple configurator for windows x86.64. Simply download a compressed zip file and extract it into your Vandlion A3 SD card, place with time.txt file.  Everytime it should be run on Windows Explorer by clicking your mouse, and simply change options from time.txt file. Easily set to current time with just one button “Set now” – Don’t need to hardly counting with any text editor.

It’s an open source project, anybody should join to development or fork to private repositiory. Plus there’s one more variation for SQ11 tiny cameras too.