How to fix wrong HTML expressions for Crayon Syntax Highlight plug-in.

If you have a problem like me in your code embedded posts for expression gone to wrong, just do like me.

First, Go wp-admin and see CSH plug-in area. And then click to Settings.

fix_crayong_sh_plugin_html_expression00  You will see CSH plug-in page and find “Code” area.

fix_crayong_sh_plugin_html_expression01  There’s will be no checked “Decode HTML entities in code”. It means your <pre … /> codes are showing like this.

fix_crayong_sh_plugin_html_expression02  You will know some HTML expressions are gone to far far away … Now we fix this just a few clicks.
Now you will check on unchecked “Decode HTML entities in code” and save settings.

fix_crayong_sh_plugin_html_expression03  How easy ! It’s done. Your <pre … /> codes on latest WordPress came back to normal like this !

fix_crayong_sh_plugin_html_expression04  I think there’s some policy changed in WordPress and CSH plug-in not changed this default option in setting. And we just need to change a setting to good code expression in post.

I love Crayon Syntax Highlighter and WordPress !

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