About lacks of developing ability for MacOS.

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Apple made it

Apple MacOS 11 ( Big Sur ) was launched in last year, lately with new M1 processor. Many people had questions about what M1 and what different of new MacOS, some people had big trouble with upgrading this new OS from old systems. Apple may focused on supporting new M1 processor with new features, and it maybe became a reason of some people getting raged with their bricked systems – and I also almost slightly experienced expensive bricking with MacBookPro 2015 but I should be recovered fortunately with timemachine backup.

MacOS was developed in a century ago as numberic changes (yes, it’s not  about real 1000 years! just meaning of change 20 to 21c), and it grown up with history of Mac systems. And core of MacOS, darwin kernel also ported to new iPhones and iPads with extreamly limited environments for best experience of Apple devices. It made closed market but safer than Androids, and more qualified quality-guaranteed apps on store. Otherwise it meant barrier to entry for developing apps on MacOS or iOS (incl. iPadOS) is higher than any other platforms.

But Apple developers we can’t find

We can see around some developers in office if you are in any company that making any application, there’s many Windows users with spending their times for MS Visual Studio IDE, but no one like using Apple Xcode IDE in South Korea. It is easy to developing some simple acting program in short time in Visual Studio. Sure it is not about quality of program, easy to face see a running application from writing any codes without preparing complicated understanding what is framework, or what IDE works for. They don’t need to understand what compiler works sequencely, what different between compilation and linking actually.

Why we can’t find MacOS developer ?

Some of MSVC developers argueing what C++ standards, what skills of programing with MSVC (not standard C++, actually) blah blah, but there’s mostly, actually none, nothing about basic programming skills, even they don’t understanding what class implementation is, just misappropriate lambda to making junks of chaos instead logical implement class abstraction member. Or spending time to write “std::” to inists it will make for faster compilation time even they are misappropriate lambda and auto. duuno understand what meaning of using namespace, and what reason of slow compilation, even multiple compilation as job decision on make of POSIX, because MSVC don’t providing that in their option window.

Everytime MS making decreted C and C++ code complexities from standards, even they are using printf_s(), or not different %s and %S for writing MBCS and UNICODE wchar_t strings. Maybe real rudeness of programming rules belong to MS and their Visual Studio. So most of MSVC C++ codes are not able to build any other  platforms, just written in MS-C++ code not C++, or what is their compiler standard, what clang is.

So this background made many people hard to approach developing on MacOS (inc. Linux), understanding what different things on each different OS, even what is POSIX. Name of performance is only for their own races.


Apple now making big chance to people should get new M1 system easily than their expensive history, even new M1 is much better than Apple’s relics but cheaper. Get a MacBook Air and try to make an app.It’s not only one way to Object C/C++ for making new app, there’s many different way like Swift.Or use HomeBrew and iTerm2 to build POSIX sources, it will be your friend with X-Code command line tool.

Then make your codes for more flexible, think widely for multiple platforms, try to keep track POSIX, consider multiplatform GUI engine like QT or FLTK. Break your Idée fixe what MS is the best.