Mac Fan Control, my thermal savior

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My old MacBook Pro 13″ (retina, 2015) is still functional, still looks like new as like new MacBook Pro M1 Pro or M2, most like Apple products are looks similar, yes.

But Intel i7-5557u is not ok for today, Earth is going hotter, and also Intel i7-5557u getting hot, almost over 100 degree Celsius in most time. So I need to find way how it makes keep lower thermal state in simple way that not doing open back panel and paste new thermal paste again, again.

And this, Macs Fan Control made a fine way to keep thermal getting to be cooled than default thermal design of MacBook Pro.

I just simply adjusted control to “Based on CPU PECI”, and fan control configured to 42 to 60 as below.

My MacBook Pro has only one fan on the right side, and it runs up to 6199 rpm. Noise hears around 4500 rpm, but I need faster cooling down i7-5557u. And it is perfectly working right. MacBook is not going hotter than before, And feeling more comfort for my palms.

Thanks to Crystalidea, but I have a little demand for Macs Fan Control on App Store for licensed version.