Next interesting: Blackview Omega Pro.

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I found an interesting new smartphone as named as Blackview Omega Pro. Just looks like my iPhone4 and 5. Metal(Aluminium) alloy outter shell and tempered glass front and back. Black and simple. Non-soft navigation keys. Has 3GB of memory and 16GB NAND flash, supported external memory (TF) as up to 128GB. What a nice one.

So could you imagine how its price is? Just under 140USD.

Blackview_OmegaPro_03 Blackview_OmegaPro_02 Blackview_OmegaPro_01

I don’t know how Chinese manufacturer could be made this stuff in this price. But specification is looks really over nice in price.

Screenshot from 2015-09-15 15:37:48

MTK 64bit 8 cores ARM CPU and 2400mAh of non-replaceabled battery. Supports overall networks. Wow… HD resolution in 5″ is acceptable if you don’t need use 3D head gear like Oculus Rift (Head Mount Display). May 2400mAh of battery will be nice in HD LCD resolution with Android OS.

I will continue to make purchase and write a review after previous Blackview Alife S1.