New embedded system coming out

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My new embedded system based on Rockchip RK3399 is now stepping to next version.
Rebuilt all kernel for maximum performance at processing high quality raw images from quad(2×2) MIPI-CSI2 cameras.

This new board aquires double channels of dual high speed 5Mpixel MIPI-CSI2 camera in data bus bandwidth in 6Gbps for each to handling datas of average 40Hz per channel. Removed all trashes of Android-thing was removed – because new system dosen’t need to Java-thing or VM – performance is everything.

Rockchip thanksfully provides their all sources in Github. But definitely not provides any helps, any questions will never be answered. Everything up to developer, or user – even their FAE always answers “We can’t do that.”.

RK3399 is much charming Cortex-A72+53 (Big.Little) processor provides powerful things in unbelievable excellent price – but heavy responsible up to user.