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Building debian-buster-rootfs for RK3399


RK3399 is one of most of powerful open source based Cortex-A72 and A53 as Big-Little architecture. Rockchip of its manufacturer, continuously updates their open source as they can, but all sources are not being updated for latest changes – specially rootfs about debian based is not. EOL of ‘stretch’ Debian… Read more »

Rock960 (rk3399) Improved kernel 4.4.179

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A short history: Rock960 board is a variabtion of Rockchip RK3399 series, and supports many features as a stand-alone smallest AARCH64 system. VAMRS still providing this card sized embedded linux computer in half of year 2020. I love this powerful RK3399 processor, as economical AARCH64, to be used for embedded… Read more »

New embedded system coming out

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My new embedded system based on Rockchip RK3399 is now stepping to next version. Rebuilt all kernel for maximum performance at processing high quality raw images from quad(2×2) MIPI-CSI2 cameras. This new board aquires double channels of dual high speed 5Mpixel MIPI-CSI2 camera in data bus bandwidth in 6Gbps for… Read more »

Realtek R815x USBNET kernel driver for RK3399

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Here is latest version 2.12.0 of Realtek GbE USB network kernel driver (source codes) for RK3399. Everyone should be download this driver and extract tar.gz in kernel directory. This driver will overwrites old r8152.c, so anyone doesn’t need to modify any files, just extract tar.gz and make your kernel again…. Read more »

Easy way to build Rock960 ARM64 system image.

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Why need to do this? 96Board developing team only provides armhf ( arm 32bit ) pre-build images in officially. But some people as like me, are need to use AARCH64 for better performance. This article is for people who demands runs Rock960 board on AARCH64. Preparation x86.64bit debian based Linux,… Read more »

Rock960b/c debian stretch prebuild system image for AARCH64

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Currently 96rock’s (VAMRS) Rock960 board officially published for debian stretch image for 32bit ( they aren’t published for AARCH64 ), so I rebuilt their open source for supporting nvative AARCH64 at all with bundled LXDE. Download link: Rock960B ( RK3399 + 4GB lpDDR3 + 32GB eMMC ) https://mega.nz/#!cp1wRSZS!Lg35IENdY7eyzCLT5PpYZc81b3XCZexUYq9n46YP_ig Rock960C (… Read more »