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In case of failure to using fl_xid();

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I did try apply DirectX input to using joystick for my HID emulation, but my testing program failure in SetCooperativeLevel() API on dinput. At the result of analyse, I found FLTK API fl_xid() returns wrong HWND value from debuger. Just inspected real HWND(handle of window) value with Process Hacker. It was… Read more »

FLTK+MinGW+DirectX8, Joystick example

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 Here I made an example source code with Code::Blocks+MinGW-W64+WINE project directX8 library for using joystick. You should know this project limited to under Windows32 platform, but You can make fast faced simple game without DirectX surface, only using FLTK and Direct Input. I recommend to using my FLTK-1.3.3-ts library for… Read more »

I love FLTK.

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  FLTK is a multi platform supported C++ open source library. And I have a forked (cloned) project to modifying this library for Windows32 GDI to drawing fast rendered surface. To fork my project on Github, you can just visit there, and download or clone a project.

Printing bits from unsigned char (BYTE) in C.

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Anybody knows what numbers made in our computer if you have experience in programming. But did you have try to print what ‘unsigned char’ or ‘BYTE’, 1 byte data to bits? ‘unsigned char’ and ‘BYTE’ contain a number in ranged 0 to 255 in 8 bits. 0000:0000 to 1111:1111. Every… Read more »