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Floating point is on the way

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rawviwer and librawprossor About 7 years flew since librawprocessor and rawviewer pushed into each git-repositories, And now it continues to update for more accurate imaging process and containing to don’t lose data as like integer based previous features. Each new generation of open sources, and 100% public. Anybody should be… Read more »

About lacks of developing ability for MacOS.

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Apple made it Apple MacOS 11 ( Big Sur ) was launched in last year, lately with new M1 processor. Many people had questions about what M1 and what different of new MacOS, some people had big trouble with upgrading this new OS from old systems. Apple may focused on… Read more »

Anystreaming now support 1080i.

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My latest HDMI and control driver enabled to handle 1080i (interlaced scan) for some devices not possible to bandwidth of 1080p. Latest windows client ( you can download here )  supports this with latest firmware system version 2016.06.09 or later. Actually I don’t recommend to use 1080i, but it’s up… Read more »

Anystreaming got 60fps but not for 1080p.

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Anystreaming stream input video driver modified to support all 60Hz, actually means 60fps. But I blocked in CPU performance for 60fps in 1080p. So I made limit to 30fps in 1080p for performance. I don’t like to blame a man who has decision, but don’t like his crabbed, obscured decisions…… Read more »

Revive suddendeath boards.

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At last day, I found reason why some AS boards going dying HID device controller. It was a reason of HID control chipset had narrow clock sensitive. I was try to adjust fastest working clock and it may not right clock for it. (Actually chipset provider does not support us)… Read more »

AnyStreaming prepared for CES 2016 !

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Now it’s going done for demonstration of CES 2016 in Las Vegas. My all systemwares are prepared for CES. System works well and services are completely written in NAND flash. Now it is going to be done for 2015. See you in CES 2016 !

Latest casing arrived.

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In about 2 weeks later when it resigned to more smaller, now I could got a latest model. Latest case material changed for matted plastic and going for fianl release with IrDA blaster detacheable module in middle. This case is real hull of containing latest circular PCB, and changed some… Read more »