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FlScrnShot v0.1.9.20 updated

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An Open source project, FlScrnShot updated to version with fixing memory leakage. I found huge memory usage on my gaming desktop ( AMD Ryzen5600 + nV RTX3080 + 64GB RAM ) while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hogwarts Legacy, up to 6GB memory occupied. It was belonged to… Read more »

listusb for macOS users

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Introducing listusb Have you troubled with checking what USB device connected as correctly speed recolonization on macOS ? And If you can say “Yes”, then you may need this, “listusb”. “listusb” is an open source project to view connected USB device in iTerm or iTerm2 (of homebrew) as text based… Read more »

TwoFish encryption for modern C++.

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Background and development The TwoFish encryption was developed in 1998 by Bruce Schneier and it is perfectly royalty free, uncopyrighted open source, and still this encryption is stronger. And I needed plan to use this hard-to-break encryption for maximum performance on USB3.2 Gen1 (USB3.0) 5Gbps some heading packets in real-time… Read more »

Introducing FLSCRNSHOT

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This open source project just started in story belong to hard to capture screenshots of game that named “What Remains of Edith Finch”. EpicGames launcher doesn’t provides screenshot by hitting F12 or PrintScrn. Windows 10 also has screenshot function for Win+(Alt)+PrintScrn also saves game screen but – “What Remains of… Read more »

Run as invoker for Windows tip.

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You might be seen UAC controlled or WIndows defender protection dialog for some application for Windows as like this: – or – It meant your application requires administrator privilege but doesn’t contained secured certification information in manifest block of EXE inside resource. Here’s an application to testing a simple cmd… Read more »

Create HBITMAP from Fl_RGB_Image

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Here is a simple code for convert Fl_RGB_Image to HBITMAP. HBITMAP GetHBMPfromFlRGBImg( const Fl_RGB_Image* src ) { if ( src == NULL ) return NULL; if ( src->d() != 4 ) /// Accepts only for RGBA 4 depth. return NULL; BITMAPINFOHEADER bmih = {0}; bmih.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER); bmih.biWidth = src->w();… Read more »

Developing libuvc for MinGW-W64, day 1

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Now I am trying to get YUV2 buffer from formal USB camera, but it doesn’t easy on Windows system. MS designed most of USB video devices need to use Direct media layer, but it occurs many different problems while using OpenGL or hardware accelerated surface at same instance of Windows… Read more »

Make your picture to bright ! MIOH(DR)

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It was finally released beta build for Mac OS X (Tested with El Capitan and High Sierra) 64bit native application to my open source repository. You can download it here for totally free ! About MIOH This program is an open source project as GPLv3. Everybody can use my prebuilt… Read more »

New MSYS icon for modern windows.

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MSYS is a very useful shell emulation for Windows as like POSIX and MinGW/MinGW-W64 for help many developers  can build almost of source codes for POSIX targets. It may strong POSIX shell like desktop application ever than any other shell emualtor like CYGWIN in personally. For a long term to… Read more »

Anystreaming Remote controller in development …

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Anystreaming remote controller is in developing and it will be run with as-win32 client program. Source code may not be open because it only used FLTK 1.3.3-ts (It already open in my GitHub) I will upload to as-win32 client download section in Bitbucket ASAP, and hope every Anystreaming user own… Read more »