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Artist Seok-ga’s “Together, KOREA”

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An artist Seok-ga’s new graphic art “Together, Korea” published on DDanzi forum. He explained his new art with this message, Hello everyone, this is Seok-ga who draws picture. I drew a new picture with some kind of music ( maybe I became an musician ? ) Here I uploads a… Read more »

Good bye, no-ip!

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No more no-ip, A day ago, no-ip stopped to update my dynamic IP address by reason of “disabled account” without any noticement, no actual reason. My ddns address soon activated again by claiming what kind of reason makes violating your terms – but actually there’s nothing like violating any terms… Read more »

Now Removu S1 supports firmware upgrading for Mac OS X.

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It’s been a long waiting, Ha! Now Removu S1 supports Mac OS X with their new Mac OS X app. Sure it made with native codes with llvm-gcc and FLTK 1.3.4-1-ts of my git clone, thanks anyway. It was started from their Windows based (actually made with M$VS C# and… Read more »

New MSYS icon for modern windows.

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MSYS is a very useful shell emulation for Windows as like POSIX and MinGW/MinGW-W64 for help many developersĀ  can build almost of source codes for POSIX targets. It may strong POSIX shell like desktop application ever than any other shell emualtor like CYGWIN in personally. For a long term to… Read more »

New laptop.

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Finally I got a new laptop for me from my wife. She gave it to me for make new era as a deveoper to extend my skills. So I lovely appeared royalty apreciated to my lord her! Now I have totally 3 different OS laptops: Windows64, Linux64 and OSX64. Will… Read more »