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Writing RGB or GREY buffer into a JPEG file

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Import issue: This example code is for Linux ( or possible for MacOSX ). and .. Fixed some wrong code Makefile It must be declared to link with jpeg library in system, or it should not be switched with turbo-jpeg. LFLAGS += -ljpeg Code for jpeglib. #include <jpeglib.h> int writejpeg(… Read more »

V4L2 + V4l-utils, Capture for multi-planar #2

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This post was continued from “V4L2 + V4l-utils, Capture for multi-planar #1“ Querying external controls Getting external control should be an optional job, but it maybe needed to control brightness and gain for good to get excellent balanced image. Little bit difficult to understand in first time but can be… Read more »

FLTK tech, HICON to Fl_RGB_Image

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This is a simple source code for converting Windows HICON to Fl_RGB_Image for my own customized FLTK window. Before understanding how it works, It must be requires understanding of some Windows API like LoadImage(). API, icon_to_flrgb() Fl_RGB_Image* icon_to_flrgb(HICON hIcon) { BITMAP bm; ICONINFO iconInfo; GetIconInfo(hIcon, &iconInfo); GetObject(iconInfo.hbmColor, sizeof(BITMAP),&bm); int width… Read more »

How to fix wrong HTML expressions for Crayon Syntax Highlight plug-in.

If you have a problem like me in your code embedded posts for expression gone to wrong, just do like me. First, Go wp-admin and see CSH plug-in area. And then click to Settings.   You will see CSH plug-in page and find “Code” area.   There’s will be no… Read more »