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FlScrnShot v0.1.9.20 updated

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An Open source project, FlScrnShot updated to version with fixing memory leakage. I found huge memory usage on my gaming desktop ( AMD Ryzen5600 + nV RTX3080 + 64GB RAM ) while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hogwarts Legacy, up to 6GB memory occupied. It was belonged to… Read more »

FLTK ScreenShot for Windows x86.64 v0.1.7.12 updated

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FLTK ScreenShot v0.1.7.12 updated with fixing some bugs and improved FLTK features. 100% Open Source. Built with FLTK-, using GDI+ to surface rendering. Fastest JPEG compression with “libjpeg-turbo” even greatest quality. Fixed base path shouldn’t be changed. Supporting High DPI of Windows by advanced Windows 10/11 scaling. Easily automatic collecting… Read more »

Graphical CPU and GPU monitoring utility

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Before start to read this, it is an utility for Embedded Linux users.If you don’t know about Linux, it should be skipped for next time. Introduction It was made for monitoring CPU and GPU temperature with maximum clocks goes thresholded in Rockchip RK3399 embedded system at first time. First version… Read more »

Writing RGB or GREY buffer into a JPEG file

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Import issue: This example code is for Linux ( or possible for MacOSX ). and .. Fixed some wrong code Makefile It must be declared to link with jpeg library in system, or it should not be switched with turbo-jpeg. LFLAGS += -ljpeg Code for jpeglib. #include <jpeglib.h> int writejpeg(… Read more »

Create HBITMAP from Fl_RGB_Image

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Here is a simple code for convert Fl_RGB_Image to HBITMAP. HBITMAP GetHBMPfromFlRGBImg( const Fl_RGB_Image* src ) { if ( src == NULL ) return NULL; if ( src->d() != 4 ) /// Accepts only for RGBA 4 depth. return NULL; BITMAPINFOHEADER bmih = {0}; bmih.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER); bmih.biWidth = src->w();… Read more »

An open source graphical help tool library, fl_imgtk.

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Here is an open source library helps many Fl_RGB_Image processing to make some featured GUI.  You can clone or download source code in free on GitHub page. It designed to work with any type of gcc ( llvm-gcc and MinGW-W64 ) with just a copy and type ‘make’, or modify… Read more »

FLTK tech, HICON to Fl_RGB_Image

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This is a simple source code for converting Windows HICON to Fl_RGB_Image for my own customized FLTK window. Before understanding how it works, It must be requires understanding of some Windows API like LoadImage(). API, icon_to_flrgb() Fl_RGB_Image* icon_to_flrgb(HICON hIcon) { BITMAP bm; ICONINFO iconInfo; GetIconInfo(hIcon, &iconInfo); GetObject(iconInfo.hbmColor, sizeof(BITMAP),&bm); int width… Read more »

In case of failure to using fl_xid();

I did try apply DirectX input to using joystick for my HID emulation, but my testing program failure in SetCooperativeLevel() API on dinput. At the result of analyse, I found FLTK API fl_xid() returns wrong HWND value from debuger. Just inspected real HWND(handle of window) value with Process Hacker. It was… Read more »

I love FLTK.

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  FLTK is a multi platform supported C++ open source library. And I have a forked (cloned) project to modifying this library for Windows32 GDI to drawing fast rendered surface. To fork my project on Github, you can just visit there, and download or clone a project. https://github.com/rageworx/fltk-1.3.3-ts