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Server recovered back.

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Everytime to updating latest versions of each plug-ins and theme makes me have check what it chnaged. And I didn’t wait for what it done for updating previous theme. It was recovered easily to putting definition for exactly what domain name to Word Press configuration.

Recovered from unstable reboot.

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My server didn’t wake up again after auto reboot mechanism. It seems to be a reason of SOFT-REBOOT a.k.a FAST REBOOT. So I adjusted it to DEEP REBOOT for every day with automated backup. Hope my server keep going for more years … or, use a new Chinese budget smartphone… Read more »

rageworx.iptime.org will offlined for while.

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This server runs on iptime router and DDNS also. In the new year, my home router reservated to Gigabit ethernet, and old iptime router fade away to the past. There’ one problem of turn off to the offline for a while because new Gigabit ethernet not support DDNS and there’s… Read more »