What will be your choice if your phone has stipulate time ?

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three_idiot_telecoms_of_skorea If your phone has stipulate time and it is restricted to wireless telegraph operator? And plus, if the goverment controlled it? What would you do?

This is not a fiction. Just happens to in South Korea.

There’s are three major wireless telegraph operators – SKTelecom, KTelecom and U+ – and they are sales smartphones with their slavish stipulate time in 2 or 3 years with big penalty if you want to break stipulate in earlier. And it belong to the goverment of South Korea.

Let me guess an example, if you are buying a new smartphone in South Korea.

You may walk to an Agency with determinded to use a wirless agency like KT. You wan to use an Android device. Now you will hearing very complexible arguments and contract rules from agency – You need keep service in 2 or 3 years and don’t break contract while in term of you contracted. You may support about 200 to 300 USD by new purchasement support program. But it is a big trap. really big trap. But you don’t know in that time. Now, you have sign in the contract with stipulate time in 3 years for end of slavish term.

You found many useless app already preinstalled and it can’t be hide or uninstalled! Even it doesn’t work after update via wireless telegraph operator’s store, and it is not the google app store. Everytime you will see these uknown to wehre to use apps in task screen. So you determinded change your phone to iOS, So you going back to agency office. BUT you hear this from them: ‘You can’t break your contract while in 3 years. Or Break the contract and pay back all damages for breach of contract. plus you many need pay more before than supported new purchase program.’

What? Why? …. You can’t understand but it is the real. Yes, you are a slave of them, plus the goverment of South Korea.

This won’t be a story is the tale of ‘Dan-Tong-Bub’ known as ‘Terminal distribution system improvement law’.

There’s many new models are poped out in a year in Soth Korea, specially a company that logo made a tilted blue ellipse. Each sizes, each prices, they are really made many models in a year even people aren’t know exactly how many different models are in market.

This made oversupply in real market, and these products performance been enough to use in normally in 2 or 3 years ago. Increasement of technical criterion elavated but we don’t know what it is. We just want to know OS is being upgrade? Modern games are runs on? whatever. My phone still in high price in market?

Android devices price normally not too expensive except flagship modesl of each company. Specially a tilted blue ellipse company and a half human face in red circle company. They are always making the top model of South Korea market only except Bited fruit logoed company.

Too many oversupply making low profits and value. Too many models are too. Almost 90% of one nation’s market taken with Android devices. and if their oversupply continues? absolutely used devices value will much quickly going down. and their products are only works well in South Korea because of radio frequency limitation with useless DMB.

If you have no choice to break slavish stipulate term in 3 years because you in payment in installment. And you want to keep your expensive smartphone value keep in higher price of used market? there’s only one answer – the bited fruit logoed. Their used smarphones are really keeping higher price in longest term while before new model comes out with well made personal security – really hard to break security to hack personal informations in their phone as we know.

We can’t break the law. We can’t break the goverment. We can’t resist the law. But we can buy a good smartphone in keeping long term value. And android devices will not, specailly if your personal information is much important.