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First contact DREVO brand seems to new in Aliexpress, and X1 model departed to each different capacities 60GB to 480GB. They have US sales web page and produces (or distributes) to Amazon. X1 may their first SSD products and described in Aliexpress to used HyNix MLC NANDs with SM4480EN cached… Read more »

Estone wireless gaming mouse

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Most of wirless mice are actually too small to use for me. So I have a dangerous adventure to buy it from Ali Express. It took about over 20 days to South Korea from China main land with Chinese registered air post. That’s enough for me as I expected. Whole… Read more »

Apple music launched in South Korea, and me.

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Since it was launched Apple music in SouthKorea days ago , I have laughed by happiness because I can hear more musics without my favor radio.net app with android smartphones ! Maybe it could not be compared to other most people near me – they are ususally listening K-Pop but… Read more »

Tecknet wireless mouse M002

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I bought an wireless mouse from AliExpress to use it for my MacBook in while gaming – actually mac mouse not for gaming if you have exprience in any mac system. I have paid 9 USD with shipping fee, and delivered with Chinese registered air post and it took only… Read more »

First impressions of Xiaomi Redmi 3s

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This is my last a terminus from AliExpress, Xiaomi Redmi 3s is a really nice budget smartphone in AliExpress ever. Redmi3s has many funcions in 120 USD price, and it is definitely better than any similar priced budget smatphones in China. 5″ sized screen is resoultion as HD ( 720×1280… Read more »

Vernee Thor after review.

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About over a month later, I have found many problems even it updated to latest OTA ( 20160623 ). I don’t expected more from small comapny like Vernee, but it is disappointed again about technical power of these small manufacturers. So I have to buy new phone of Xiaomi Redmi3s…. Read more »

Review of COOLSELL double sided micro USB cable

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I bought a few of double sided micro USB cable from COOLSELL. I’m not sure they have any patent for making this, but it is little bit expensive than normal micro USB cables. It is really easy to plug to any device to micro USB port, sure it is works… Read more »

Vernee Thor review.

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Eventually it arrived to me for a long while. Vernee Thor bundle package was so simple. Like LG PRADA 3.0 leather patterned paper box, and included Thor itself, 5V 2A charger(white), rugged micro USB cable(white) and useless paper that written warranty or whatever (never read). Outward appearance Phone shape is… Read more »