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Introducing Simple Font Renderer, FontTester

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Introducing an open source project, FontTester. A FLTK project GUI application that supports multi-platforms ( Windows, Linux, MacOSX ) with these libraries: Freetype2 and FLFTRender. Anybody can join to project, or write any issues, or just download prebuilt image at downloading page. It’s free. Test your TTF/TTC/OTF without install to… Read more »

Create HBITMAP from Fl_RGB_Image

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Here is a simple code for convert Fl_RGB_Image to HBITMAP. HBITMAP GetHBMPfromFlRGBImg( const Fl_RGB_Image* src ) { if ( src == NULL ) return NULL; if ( src->d() != 4 ) /// Accepts only for RGBA 4 depth. return NULL; BITMAPINFOHEADER bmih = {0}; bmih.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER); bmih.biWidth = src->w();… Read more »