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FlScrnShot v0.1.9.20 updated

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An Open source project, FlScrnShot updated to version with fixing memory leakage. I found huge memory usage on my gaming desktop ( AMD Ryzen5600 + nV RTX3080 + 64GB RAM ) while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hogwarts Legacy, up to 6GB memory occupied. It was belonged to… Read more »

Introducing Simple Font Renderer, FontTester

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Introducing an open source project, FontTester. A FLTK project GUI application that supports multi-platforms ( Windows, Linux, MacOSX ) with these libraries: Freetype2 and FLFTRender. Anybody can join to project, or write any issues, or just download prebuilt image at downloading page. It’s free. Test your TTF/TTC/OTF without install to… Read more »

Introducing FLSCRNSHOT

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This open source project just started in story belong to hard to capture screenshots of game that named “What Remains of Edith Finch”. EpicGames launcher doesn’t provides screenshot by hitting F12 or PrintScrn. Windows 10 also has screenshot function for Win+(Alt)+PrintScrn also saves game screen but – “What Remains of… Read more »

Make your picture to bright ! MIOH(DR)

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It was finally released beta build for Mac OS X (Tested with El Capitan and High Sierra) 64bit native application to my open source repository. You can download it here for totally free ! About MIOH This program is an open source project as GPLv3. Everybody can use my prebuilt… Read more »

An open source graphical help tool library, fl_imgtk.

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Here is an open source library helps many Fl_RGB_Image processing to make some featured GUI.  You can clone or download source code in free on GitHub page. It designed to work with any type of gcc ( llvm-gcc and MinGW-W64 ) with just a copy and type ‘make’, or modify… Read more »