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Some reasons why beware Chinese SSD

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SSD generation Todays of SSD(solid state drive) market is grown up to most of computing device include personal PC are no longer installs HDD(hard disk drive) for booting drive except special cases. SSD interface is now advanced to NVMe (PCI express BUS) and speed been reached to over 2GB/sec in… Read more »

How to fix 100% awake of Doogee F5 ?

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If you are an user who using Doogee F5 phablet, you will already recognized battery drains so fast by many bloatwares. So I recommend to use custom recovery ( a.k.a TWRP or CWM ) instead of stock image for modify F5 system apps to disabled by changing permission. For this… Read more »

Next prviate review is Doogee F5.

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Actually, I am little bit tired to buying new Chinese budget smartphones in 720p HD display, So I tried to pay more over 110 USD for 1080p FHD display smartphone – Plus essential requriement: Metal frame – Doogee F5. Actually I paied  less than average 140 USD in AliExpress with… Read more »

Next is Oukitel K4000

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My next review will be Oukitel K4000 (black) from Chinese main land. It used magnesium metal alloy for main frame seems like to other Android phones thoes are used same structure. Only difference is this phone not made with duralumin alloy. K4000 advertised their strong front screen glass. They are… Read more »