Passive mini headphone amplifier D08

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What for?

 This is a passive headphone amp for small handheld devices. Non-controlled, Non-option for user friendly. Just amplifying a little bit more for your high impedance headphones for around 10 USD.

Package is really simple.

 This amplifier has built-in Lithium-Polymer battery about 800mAh for running thru over 12hrs as manufacturer description. And I tested 2 or 3 months in real life, and I didn’t saw it turned off by battery drained out. It was very convenience small device to listening music more detailed and louder on out-door.

Bundles: 2.5 to 3.5mm Aux-Line cable and Micro-5pins charging cable. Plus, an unreadable manual.

What passive ?

 This small headphone amplifier has no switch to turn-on, equalizer and bass boost. Only automatically turns on by plug your headphone into device, and it is notice with blue LED on beside of 3.5mm plug hole.

You can just plugged as picture, it may not activated until headphone plugged in.


  Charging is very simple, plug out 2.5mm jack from amplifier, then plug micro-5pins USB charging cable to port just deside of 2.5mm plug hole. It will starting charging with red LED on opposite near 3.5mm headphone jack plug hole. One more other testing for “In-use-while-charging” not able by narrow width between 2.5mm and micro-5pin holes.



Process of breaking down a subject and studying it was simple, just unscrew two hexa bolts meaning done. There’s a single chipset CS4410C(B128) of Chipstar, and I could find little information here.

Chipstar CS4410C

: Off-ranged function Class G headphone amplifier 130MW stereo CS4410 TSSOP14 packaging.


 This small headphone amplifier is helps little more louder, feels to hearing more detailed sound without anything to be controlled. Just plug and listening music for my life and it will be part of mine for just 10 USD if you( or I ) don’t care audiophiler’s judge. Just good to be enjoying music in little bit more louder.