A short review of TRN EMA

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TRN is an audio instruments company in China, and they are produces a lot of small headphones. I have some headphones among of bunches.

EMA is an open dynamic 14.2 mm driver driven stereo headphone. Has 32 ohm for resistance, 3.5 mm stereo legacy unbalanced plug with silver coated low resistance cables. There are two different colors each for silver and black anodized surface on aluminum housing.

I grabbed a silver one while Aliexpress sale event in May. I’d like to buy black but all colors with silver coated-looks while-unbalanced cable looks not good. Actually, there’s nothing good choice within silver.

Notice: colors on connectors is not a stock option

To my ear, 14.2 mm speaker radial is not enough to fit in my ear as well, need to cover bundle foams on speaker units. TRN EMA provides two pairs of foam covers as a bundle.

Testing environments

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (Dolby Atmos enabled)
  • Lightning to USB-C OTG + CS4321 DSD256 Hi-Res Audio
  • FiiO uBTR (3.5 mm, BLE)
  • Aster & Kern BX10, balanced output (3.5 mm, BLE)
  • Qudelix 5K (wired, BLE)

Audio sources

  • iTunes remastered samples
  • DSD, DXD audio samples with Neutron Player, with USB direct control mode.


  • Comfortable
  • Open staging as formal open type headphones
  • Less sound leakage even it has open holes on unit


  • Indistinguishable Right and Left mark, with poles—Don’t know which is positive pole ?
  • Only silver color for bundle cable, not able to get spare part in different color
  • Not much hears definitions, less high, spread bass
  • Lenient finishing

I recommend to people who want to use open type headphones, or want economical consumption for enjoying wired music experience.

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