Handheld retro game console “Retro FC” review

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The memory of past, my younger times remembers what I played, what I wanted to play. This small gaming console has hundreds of unclear to original or not games, and some are not working correctly. But China made this for only under 20 USD includes shipping fee – Great copyright avoiding leading nation. And I can waste my boring time with this small device.

CPU : Epoxy molded some kind of 8bit MCU.
RAM : unknown ( maybe included in CPU )
RAM : Seems to kinda NAND flash ( maybe within 512MB )
LCD : 3″ TFT ( 320×240 or less, NF pannel, not IPS )
TVO : Supports analog VHS out with mono audio thru 3.5mm plug to RCA cable
BAT : BL-5C 900mAh

Counted to 168, some games are same but different name or version, some games are not able to play because key dosen’t work.

Almost of similar products ( just different game counting on box ) has same box detail and view as like this:

Contains a paper what described how to use – yes, it is manual – with a battery and a charging cable ( old school USB mini B type ). Specially BL-5C is very popular Lithium based battery of China products.

BL-5C battery, 900mAh capacity

Little review
 Console is similar size of Nintendo Gamboy (legacy version of 4 gray level LCD), actually copied shape exactly. But each buttons feeling to weak to good to press for gaming. No option to hearing in headphone thru 3.5mm headphone jack.

Device UI only supports English or Chinese with Final-Fight in game OST as background music
Many games, but real playable is less.

 Many games are ready but I could played for few games. Almost of games modified version in China ( maybe for avoiding copyright from original version ). But still it got some positive side for player – “WORTHY !” – for under 20 USD.

 This is perfectly dark sided, avoiding copyright laws, cheap piece of plastic. Hard to control player charactor in game by bad rubber dom buttons. But I am now playing this little device before going sleep in muted. Long battery helps drop worries to recharging. Many junk games feeling myself going tired as soon for good sleeping. All bads can handle with under 20 USD.