Tennmak Dulcimer & Porcelain simple review

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I got these two IEH(In-Ear Headphone) from Mr.Tony of China via Ali-Express. Mr.Tony (Tennmak is a trade mark & name of hist company) – He was gave it to me for testing and little review, so I don’t have perfect packaging. Each different two IEHs are Dulcimer and Porcelain – It seems to like weapone names in Skyrim, but I could find what it meas by google translate.



a musical instrument with a sounding board or box, typically trapezoidal in shape, over which strings of graduated length are stretched, played by being struck with handheld hammers.



a white vitrified translucent ceramic; china.

 Each of Dulcimer & Porcelain are little bit different position of Tennmak IEH series. Dulcimer is positioned on about 30 USD, and Porcelain is about 20 USD. But as my opinion, I love Porcelain more than Dulcimer, actually sound quality in price is better to me, specially include design of itself.

According to Tennmak, Dulcimer was designed for maximum experience for quality of IEMs in around value of 100 USD. But it is just seems to their assertion, It is definitely not be better than high valued IEM – such like used multiple BA units – in manufacturing, design, publushing prices. It may just like placebo effect – like a memory of LG G Pro IEH.

Dulcimer detailed images


Dulcimer frequency response graph looks much nice, but my hearing is not like graph, bass more expanded and crispy high is closer to V-EQ. not flatty.  Porcelain is more flatty rather than Dulcimer.

Porcelain detailed images


Porcelain graph seems also similar like Dulcimer, but hearing is not like, more flatty than. But manufacturer graphs are not be sure in difference of hearing experience.


If I have make it choose one, my choice is Porcelain. Design, comfort, price and hearing is more better than Dulcimer. Sure all of my review is depends on my experience, not for objectivity.