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A short review of Redmi note 8

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“Redmi” is a new minor brand name of “Xiaomi”, yes – “Xiaomi Redmi” became a shortly name of “Redmi” and equals same meaning. Their 8th “Redmi” are each of  “Note 8” and “Note 8 pro” was released to market since a few months ago in version of “Global”. I’ve been… Read more »

FLTK+MinGW+DirectX8, Joystick example

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 Here I made an example source code with Code::Blocks+MinGW-W64+WINE project directX8 library for using joystick. You should know this project limited to under Windows32 platform, but You can make fast faced simple game without DirectX surface, only using FLTK and Direct Input. I recommend to using my FLTK-1.3.3-ts library for… Read more »