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listusb for macOS users

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Introducing listusb Have you troubled with checking what USB device connected as correctly speed recolonization on macOS ? And If you can say “Yes”, then you may need this, “listusb”. “listusb” is an open source project to view connected USB device in iTerm or iTerm2 (of homebrew) as text based… Read more »

Unofficial REMOVU S1 FW update app for macOS

REMOVU (aka. Essel-T) closed down their business, and most of S1 owners are don’t have way to upgrade their firmware with legacy app. But I made this app again for modern macOS universal binary as like this, It was my commercial app but Essel-T now passed out to history, so… Read more »

Escape from macOS update hell, v12.6.2

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It was hard times while I need to escape continuous failure update macOS 12.6.2 since it annoying by red “1” circle beside of top of Apple’s gear box icon as we know as “System Configuration or Setting”. My macOS 12.6.2 update failure occurs when it rebooted, occurs “?” folder image… Read more »

About lacks of developing ability for MacOS.

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Apple made it Apple MacOS 11 ( Big Sur ) was launched in last year, lately with new M1 processor. Many people had questions about what M1 and what different of new MacOS, some people had big trouble with upgrading this new OS from old systems. Apple may focused on… Read more »

TwoFish encryption for modern C++.

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Background and development The TwoFish encryption was developed in 1998 by Bruce Schneier and it is perfectly royalty free, uncopyrighted open source, and still this encryption is stronger. And I needed plan to use this hard-to-break encryption for maximum performance on USB3.2 Gen1 (USB3.0) 5Gbps some heading packets in real-time… Read more »