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KingDian S280 1TB SSD

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It’s about Chinese SSD  I bought this SSD while big sale called 11.11 in Aliexpress for around 123 USD, then I need to spend for over a month to delivered on my hand. It was really long term for delivery completed. I have many different kind of KingDian SSDs, and… Read more »

Don’t be faked, KingDian S280 480GB SSD is not MLC.

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About a month ago, I bought this SSD from AliExpress official seller of KingDian by belief of their description as seen below: I just believed it used MLC, but it was fake! Their official web site not described NAND is MLC, yes, it was TLC, see below link. http://www.king-dian.com/kingdian-s280-sata3-ssd-480gb This… Read more »

KingDian S400XT 240GB SATA3 SSD

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In long days after, it arrived at home for over 20 days from China. KingDian SSD seems like most of microSD package as simple transparency plastic bag with simple paper what written in could be not understand. There’s a scratch seems for a prize, but I don’t understand what written… Read more »

A dangerous adventure …

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I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review. Actually I… Read more »