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KingDian S280 1TB SSD

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It’s about Chinese SSD  I bought this SSD while big sale called 11.11 in Aliexpress for around 123 USD, then I need to spend for over a month to delivered on my hand. It was really long term for delivery completed. I have many different kind of KingDian SSDs, and… Read more »

Don’t be fooled, KingDian S280 480GB SSD is not MLC.

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About a month ago, I bought this SSD from AliExpress official seller of KingDian by belief of their description as seen below: I just believed it used MLC, but it was fake! Their official web site not described NAND is MLC, yes, it was TLC, see below link. http://www.king-dian.com/kingdian-s280-sata3-ssd-480gb This… Read more »

A dangerous adventure …

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I have determinded to make a deal for dangerous adventure, buying SSD in Ali-Express. Totally paid 69.03 USD included delivery in Chinese registered air post to South Korea. I don’t know name of KingDian, how they are known to market in SouthKorea. But I expect believe people’s review. Actually I… Read more »