Escape from macOS update hell, v12.6.2

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It was hard times while I need to escape continuous failure update macOS 12.6.2 since it annoying by red “1” circle beside of top of Apple’s gear box icon as we know as “System Configuration or Setting”.

My macOS 12.6.2 update failure occurs when it rebooted, occurs “?” folder image with “contact to support”. It is my second time since experience with Big-Sur update – A.K.A Big-Sur gate. So I need to analyze this happen to turn to succeed, then checked each partitions – eventually found why. This update failure belong to /dev/disk1s2 partition – This is about 270MB “Preboot” named partition and used to macOS update trigger to as like “/dev/disk1s5s1”. In case of this unrecoverable failure reason of SSD failure and I couldn’t anything to do it back to alright. Even normally booted macOS sometimes halted with damn rainbow circular icon – nothing able to do within press power button to shut it emergency down.

This way was my only answer that tried multiple time to Mac Book Pro works well again, just back it up with TimeMachine, and don’t do anything while it done. Then turn off Mac Book Pro, Just wait a second to check this damn device turned off again. Then, press “Option + CMD + R” and power button until see a progress bar. This is an official recovery method via internet connection. Wait until recovery mode exposed, then delete Mac Book Pro NVMe SSD to empty all. It’s only the way to solve this continuous limbo. Then install totally cleaned (actually trimmed) NVMe SSD. It took about half of a day of my case with WiFi5 network. When successfully installed latest version of macOS, then plug TimeMachine drive to USB. Now time to recover it again before limbo – Just need to wait until done to migration. Now I can use my Mac Book Pro again, with some unhandled developing tools like brew and Xcode console – Yes, I need to install again at all.

My old Mac Book Pro 2015 early model was CTO – to upgrade DDR3 ram to 16GB, and 1TB SSD (It is Samsung … holy I-dun-like this) and still suitable do many things like encoding my another desktop HDMI signal with OBS by HDMI capture device. But always Apple’s new update feels like damaged time bomb. Nobody knows when it blow and ruin my laptop again.

Only one hope, is Apple doing care about new every update for supported devices. No margin for ruins people’s Mac systems, no more, Please! Mr.Cook.