FlScrnShot v0.1.9.20 updated

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An Open source project, FlScrnShot updated to version with fixing memory leakage.

I found huge memory usage on my gaming desktop ( AMD Ryzen5600 + nV RTX3080 + 64GB RAM ) while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hogwarts Legacy, up to 6GB memory occupied.

It was belonged to updating FLTK latest version changes with fl_imgtk has unmatched, and changed some rule of memory freeing on fl_imgtk. And now fixed it.

It may useful to match to capture key to “PrtScrn” as well as playing game on HDR mode. Steam client cannot handle HDR screen to JPEG-YUV420 format. FlScrnShot handles HDR image to automatically SDR and writes image to YUV444, lesser loss of HDR color space.

Download availed to my open source repository download page here,


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