Why you warning to me my hearing volume is too high?

Did you have experience in hearing music volume to low to enough feeling like in situation using high impedance headphones including in-ear-monitorings ? I have. Specailly in most on android devices. And my SONY Xperia Z1 also has this un-thanksful function to protect my hearing, yes, very thank you for… Read more »

Diet my SONY Xperia Z1 1.14A.157

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In my case of as a user of SONY Xperia Z1, This bulkily brother has only 16GB internal NAND flash size, and actually I can use only about 11GB of free space in stock ROM. This big brother used Qualcomm snapdragon 801 and installed 2GB of DDR3 memory, but stock… Read more »

SONY Xperia Z1 1.14A.108/157 kernel ftf files and dirvers set

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I have an android – but I call it to expensive un-trusted toy – that named Xperia Z1 from SONY. It has really like towser even its display is 5″, but looks like 6 or above size with spacious bezel, wow. Still It is not clear to what is for… Read more »

The throne of algae

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  Some idiot’s younger son – Jr.Mong – left a phrase, “National sentiment is barbaric…”. We were indignant at that time, but we going to accept his ugly words right, Unfortunately! Think, Who made that idiot to a nation’s president? Still idiot epigones ratio over 30% in whole people in… Read more »

Hardly it worked !

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Whatever we knows, most servers are big or thin or black colored, arrayed, placed in dark place, flickering LED lights and looks like robots. But my home server doesn’t need like them. Just simple and easy to waste to trash if it gone to rest in peace. Androids are actually… Read more »