What? That isn’t what you can say, Google.

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https://9to5mac.com/2019/05/08/selling-privacy-as-a-luxury-good/dd  Yesterday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said a bullshit as Apple ‘selling privacy as a luxury good’, Ha! What? We knows how Google earning moneys from stealing people privacy in anytime anywhere we searches what it is everything. It’s like theif defames cops by protecting stealing people’s properties well.  You… Read more »

Firefox extensions came back !

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It was little long time to wait came back it normal. Firefox extensions are gone for disabled for a while because Firefox has problem with xinstall signature. Now it seems to solved temporary extensions are disabled with signature, and I didn’t update anything – it seems doesn’t need to update… Read more »

Run as invoker for Windows tip.

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You might be seen UAC controlled or WIndows defender protection dialog for some application for Windows as like this: – or – It meant your application requires administrator privilege but doesn’t contained secured certification information in manifest block of EXE inside resource. Here’s an application to testing a simple cmd… Read more »

Realtek 8152 GbE USB kernel driver for RK3399

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If you have trouble with Realtek 8152 GbE USB device on your Rock960A/B/C board with error of “unnmaed net_device” ? It is reason of built in r8152 driver is too old in Rock960a/b/c (even all kernel driver of Rockchip) kernel source. Here’s my modified driver from latest version of r8152… Read more »

Good bye, no-ip!

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No more no-ip, A day ago, no-ip stopped to update my dynamic IP address by reason of “disabled account” without any noticement, no actual reason. My ddns address soon activated again by claiming what kind of reason makes violating your terms – but actually there’s nothing like violating any terms… Read more »

Make Image ‘O HDR fresh updated!

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‘Make Image ‘O HDR’ has been updated to version, and it provides save current setting to user’s space – it is each different place for platform types; Windows, Linux and MacOSX. You can clone sources or, download binary image here: https://bitbucket.org/rageworx/make_img_o_hdr/src/master/  Strongly recommend to build source code if your… Read more »